How Did I Start?

The initial analysis of the Romanian supplements market included both Romanian businesses and consumers, with the aim of understanding their wants and needs. We identified a high demand for discounts and designed different promotional packages.

Established Plan:

We have created promotional packages, with the flexibility to juggle product profit margins. This has allowed us to offer consumers a variety of packages at affordable prices. Artificial intelligence was used to identify the most popular products in Romania, allowing us to calculate profit margins and possible limits for discounts, especially for Black Friday.

Plan Steps and Implementation:

1. Creating the Sales and Marketing Funnel:

We segmented and drove the sales funnel from multiple directions: online ads, social media, email marketing and Google. This gave us a clear insight into the brand and the most profitable segments.

2. Specific Funnel-Based Campaigns:

Based on the funnel, we developed various campaigns for conversion, traffic, brand awareness, etc., specifically targeting the audience and reigniting the Natural Plus brand.

3. Thinking and Creating the Email Marketing Funnel:

We segmented customers into three categories and developed specific email marketing campaigns: recent customers, VIP customers and inactive customers.

  •  customers who have ordered in the last 30 days
  • Customers who have purchased more than 10 times from Natural Plus
  • VIP customers - customers who have not ordered anything in the last year
4. Reconceptualising Natural Plus Online Presence:

We created new visuals for social media, emails and ads, focusing on educational information, products, and creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity for discounts.

5. Use of Artificial Intelligence:

We used AI to refine ideas, explore new business insights and streamline repetitive tasks.

Complex Agency Perspective:

We differentiate ourselves from a traditional marketing agency by being a growth partner. We approach each campaign or product from multiple perspectives: Marketing Director, Sales Director, CFO and CEO, identifying deeply with each business we work with.

  •  a Marketing Director's perspective (what a consumer wants to see, how to look etc)
  • a sales manager's perspective (how to get the product to the consumer, by what means, etc.)
  •  the perspective of a finance director (because we take care so that the packages created are profitable)
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